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Why work with me

Wondering why we should work together?

To create a genuine connection with your German-speaking prospects, your translated content must not read like a translation. I write as if your message was originally created in German, adapting any culturally sensitive elements, and ensuring that you make the right impression and that your message resonates with your audience.

Over six years at one of Germany’s leading breweries, rising to Head of Category Management, I was the main point of contact for customers and key industry partners, liaising with the sales team, senior management, and the CEO. I understand business, I will put in the work to understand your business, and I understand the German market.

I value long-term collaborations and here are some of them:

  • 5+ years on the translation team for a global technology company

  • 2+ years on the QA team for a major job search engine

  • 3 years on a US gaming magazine localization team

  • 3 years as a main translator for all retail-facing material for a fashion designer

Getting to know clients over time means more familiarity with their business and products, better communication, and stronger trust. And, crucially, better translations in the long run.

A lack of language skills or industry knowledge can affect translation quality, damaging your reputation and costing time and money to resolve. I understand both your field and your target audience, so I’ll make sure the German market gets the message about what your business has to offer.

Looking for translation that gets results?

“Big compliments from the client on this translation by the way Michaela! Thanks for your hard work.”

Co-owner of a boutique translation agency in the UK

“The client was very impressed and happy.”

PM of a leading US translation agency

“Just a quick note to say we had really great feedback from our editor on your work for this - thank you.”

Co-owner of a boutique translation agency in the UK

Not sure which service you need?

I help clients with: