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I’m Michaela, the brain behind

Signature Translations

I help businesses to make an impact in Germany.

Known as the beating heart of Europe, Germany has limitless potential for business expansion.

As the fourth-largest economy in the world, expanding into German territory seems like an infallible way to scale your business.

And it is!

But in order to do that, you need to get your marketing translations right.

I put you first

My clients are proud of their products and services, and I relish the opportunity to get the word out about them to their target German audience. I can help you create and maintain an authentic, consistent voice to connect with your existing customers and prospective partners alike. 

Years of hands-on experience in the worlds of marketing and business mean that I understand you, your industry, your needs, and your concerns.

You can rely on me to give you a head start on the German market.

I specialize in creative translation and transcreation, which relies on cultural knowledge, linguistic expertise and writing with flair to make sure that your audience gets the message.

Services – or how I can help

(English to German / German):

Industries – or, in other words, my passions

Why choose me?

“We received very good feedback for this job and I would like to thank Michaela for the excellent work she did here to help make this happen!!”

Feedback from a leading entertainment company

“Her style is simply awesome! This is how a gaming related text should read :-).”

Feedback from an editor to a PM of a US publisher

Ready to get a head start on the German market?

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